3 reasons ebikes rock at commuting (trains don’t)


  1. The title of the article “Commuters in cages” says it all, who wants to be crammed in a metal box with a load of strangers catching each others coughs and cold.
  2. Trains don’t go the places and times that we all want to go, no one I know has a train station at their front door…
  3. It’s no fun, I have yet to hear someone say hey I love my train ride to work each day.

As opposed the trains a ebike can get you to your destinations door to door when you want to go, you’r out in the fresh air and no likely to catch a cold from other riders and they are loads of fun, I hear my customers always so happy with their ride.. Oh and not mention the 7kg one of my customers lost when he bought his first Skillion.


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