4 Reasons to have an integrated battery

Wondering why the Skillion Max, has a fully integrated design? Well, besides looking really great this design protects the battery from water ingress and corrosion.

The development of a fully integrated battery-frame design is not easy. Skillion has invested years in developing ebikes and our own frame designs to get them right. The Skillion Max design is a great example of a “ground-up” design for an electric bike. The battery housing is uniquely designed to house the large (long range) battery and includes a charge indicator and carry handle. The battery terminals are designed into a connector for their protection when removed. The frame is designed to be tough and light, while having a large section removed to house the battery. Though these design innovations are not easy we feel they make a superior ebike.

At Skillion we’ve always been about combining design and technology. We believe the Skillion Max simply looks great! The clean lines of the down tube that hides the bulk of the battery is the ideal configuration for large long range batteries. The smooth black surfaces of the battery match the frame design and the battery handle that closes flush to the battery elegant and well resolved. The charging port is covered by a rubber gourmet to hide and protect the battery charging port, while offering the same charging port for charging both in the bike and when removed.

One less obvious but very important feature of the battery design is its water resistance. The battery closes down tight and snug onto the battery holder and frame. This provides a form of seal so that if water is splashed onto the battery during use, either by rain, spray or washing and very little water can penetrate into the battery housing. Other less well designed batteries can incur water ingress, which being forced in will not flow away, evaporate or disperse easily.

Less water ingress means less corrosion. Water entering the battery holder can rest on the battery terminals and cause corrosion. If left unattended the bike can become inoperable as the corrosion forms a non-conductive barrier and current cannot flow from the battery to the motor.

When you consider your next ebike, have a look at the battery and how it is integrated onto the frame, is it just a bolt on and open to water ingress and corrosion or is it designed to protect the battery.

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