The Skillion story

Smart and Exhilarating. This is something we aim for, it’s our vision for the future of ebikes.

We see a day when ebikes are so ubiquitous that our urban planners develop amazing ebike cycleways that enable you to travel anywhere in the city in 20 mins and commuting from anywhere in under an hour. All that while being active, safe and having fun!

For that we need to have ebikes that enrol abundant Smart technology to give you performance, speed, range, comfort and safety, and we see Skillion being there at the forefront of this revolution in transport.

We’re Skillion, we’re about Design, Performance and Technology, we’re 3 years young and proud of that we’ve achieved in this short time. From our R&D and design office in Redfern (formally outside Newcastle) we’ve been developing ebikes and ebike technologies for Australia and the world.

Part of our approach is to only use high-grade components from trusted manufacturers like Shimano, Tektro,  Mozo and RST. This means our bikes are built tough and we know our bikes will perform just as well in the beach scene, outback, as they do on the roads and cycleways.

We take pride in how we service and support our customers, all around Australia, long after they first brought their Skillion.

Our Services

We have been living up to our promise we made two decades ago, that is to gain our clients’ trust and we are not planning on breaking it ever in the future .


You can design your own Vélo and we will assemble it. You’ll have it within 1 week.


We sell our bikes directly from our factory outlet, as well as leading local bike stores.

Test riding

Don’t know if a bike is for you or not? No worries! You can test it any time you want.


We will provide support for any bikes purchased at Skillion for as long as you own the bike.

Our Team

Meet our creative, hard-wording people. Had it not been for them we wouldn’t be here today.