The following questions are frequently asked by our customers:


How far can the bike go on a single charge?

There are many variables that affect the range of an ebike (battery age, tire pressure, rider’s effort, terrain, PAS level, wind direction, speed, road surface) we expect that under good conditions you should expect 50 kms on a single charge.

Is an ebike the same as an electric bike?

Generally yes, however we term an ebike a bicycle with an electric motor, whereas an electric bike doesn’t have to have pedals.

How fast can an ebike go?

In Australia, the fastest an ebike is permitted to provide power to the bike is 25 kph. This means that the motor will reduce power when you approach that speed and provide no power beyond this speed. However, many ebikes can go much faster than that if they are designed as an off-road bike. For example the Skillion Max when set up for off-road has been clocked at 62 kph off-road.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

Depending on how flat the battery is it can take up to 6 hours. However, generally we find most riders keep the charge above 30% and in that case it takes less than 4 hours.

How long will the battery last?

500 cycles. A cycle is a discharge and a charge. If you use the bike every day of the working week and charge it every evening, you should expect about 2 years. However, the battery will still be functional, but we determine that the battery is operating at 75% capacity and therefore probably should be replaced. Of course if you use the battery less then you should expect more battery life.

How long is the warranty?

Skillion offers 2 years on components and 4 years on the frame. This doesn’t include wear and tear parts like brake pads and tires.

Can I change the maximum power of the motor?

No, we offer the bike for off-road or road use. If you change the program on the motor you will void the warranty and risk breaking the laws regarding the 250W maximum power limit. “We have installed a Warranty Void if Removed Sticker” to prevent tampering with the motor program.

What are the laws regarding the maximum power for an ebike?

In Australian bicycles are permitted to be fitted with electric motors and still be classes as a bicycle provided they meant the relevant standards. The old standard allows a maximum power of 200 watts with throttle control, or to a maximum of 250 Watts under the Australian Standard AS/EN 15194 when under pedal assist. If the ebike has more power than that in these conditions then is is not considered a bicycle and requires licence, registration and insurance to be used on the roads or cycle ways.

Where can I see or test ride the ebikes?

See the links on the website under “Test Rides”

Where can I get service does on the Skillion ebikes?

We have resellers that specialise in electric bike, but many bike stores can service the bike parts, many of which are standard. At Skillion head quarters we also offer service if you come in or send the bike to us.

Where can I get new tires and brake pads?

You can get them directly from us, or most good bikes stores, they are both standard sizes.