Skillion Bikes at the Newcastle Caravan and Camping Show. 4 days and 27,000 people through and many stopped at the stand. The most common questions…

1. What is the range? A. up to 60 klm, but it is pedal assist so you can pedal as much (and as far) as you like.

2. How long does it take to charge? A. 4 hours if dead flat but typically a couple of hours.

3. How much does it cost? A. RRP $3850 inc GST

4. How fast will it go? A. If you buy the road legal version then it is 25 kph, if you buy the off-road only then I have seen a maximum clocked speed of 65kph.

All these answers relate to the Skillion Max.

But we also presented for the first time the Skillion Ultra, it an unfinished brushed Aluminium. Click the button to learn more about the Ultra



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