Police Bicycle Unit test rides the Skillion Max

Why would the Police Bicycle Unit want to test ride a Skillion?

The Police Bicycle Unit are a “specialist roles” unit that supplies bicycle expertise, training and oversight for the NSW Police force. I was surprised that patrols on bicycles can last up to 10 hours. That’s a lot of time in the saddle, hence our thinking that an ebike would be ideal. The officers I met told me a few stories including how they found some missing bushwalkers North-West of Sydney. How, they were able to get into a deep bush ravine, where a helicopter was unable to see past the tree canopy. In a more urban setting they described how they approached a “suspect” carrying a bag of hashish, his startled expression “where did you guys come from” is apparently the most common exclamation.

There are hundreds of bicycles deployed start-wide for police officers and this team are the specialists so they gave the Skillion a real work out. Not only riding the bike around the ash-felt but around the “Wylde” Mountain bike park in some pretty tight and steep downhill and drop-off sections. I was allowed to accompany the team and was delighted that the Skillion performed so well. At one stage the Sergeant leading the team took our Skillion Max 2017 model ahead of the pack and couldn’t be seen for quite a while as we chugged along using our own leg power.

After quite a few hours and some dusty bikes, the 39C heat had us all running for shade and a cold drink. Not before a debrief a few suggestions they would like to see if they were to purchase a few ebikes from Skillion. More on that, when we receive the written feedback.  I can’t see why we wouldn’t see a specific Police Spec Skillion rolling out very soon….


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