Buy the Best Electric Bicycle Sydney Has to Offer

Sydney is fast becoming a proper cycling town. Recent studies have shown a considerable increase in the number of bike riders in the city, especially during typical commuting times. Sydney residents know that the best way to cut down on congestion and get to work quickly is by …Read More

Before You Buy a Fat Bike in Manly, Consider the Reasons to Go Electric with a Skillion eBike

It’s impossible to deny that the popularity of fat bikes is on the rise. Everywhere you look sometimes; it seems like you can spot at least one rider sporting the super-wide tyres. Relying on their surprisingly low air pressure to provide a characteristically “floaty” ride, they also yield a firm grip on the ground and impressive …Read More

Convert to the Electric Life: Reshape Your Daily Commute in Sydney and Buy a Conversion Kit for Your Road Bike

When individuals act, their deeds can add up to real and visible change. That’s why, when it comes to reducing our impact on the environment, it’s up to everyone to do what they can to make a difference. Transportation is a leading contributor to pollution. With the number of cars on the road burning countless tonnes of fuel every …Read More

Embrace the Future of Transportation: Buy Your First Electric Push Bike in Sydney Today

What if you could combine the best things about bicycles and cars? You’d take the fitness perks, sustainability, versatility, affordability and outdoor enjoyment that bikes provide, combine it with the range, power and reliability of automobiles, and you’d have the perfect way to get around. Such a solution would have the potential …Read More

Curious About Trying an Electric Bike? Buy a Skillion Fat eBike and Tour Bondi Beach Like Never Before

Picture this scene: it’s a lovely day of warm sunshine, pleasant temperatures, and your environment is filled with the unrivalled natural beauty found all around Bondi Beach. What’s the best way to get out and experience such a beautiful day? For most people — maybe yourself included — the answer is the same: climb on a bike …Read More

Explore the Beaches of Newcastle from the Seat of an Electric Bike: Buy a New e Bike from Skillion Today

Historically, beaches and bicycles haven’t mixed very well. The fact is that standard bike wheels, and sand just don’t get along. So while riding a bicycle along a beach sounds pleasant enough, you’ve usually needed a path or a boardwalk to do it. Otherwise, you’d end up struggling fruitlessly to get your wheels to turn and carry you forward, instead …Read More

Buy a Stylish Electric Fat Bike in Sydney for the Best Weekends Ever

Imagine cruising along, aided by a powerful eBike motor, as you arrive at work in style on a Skillion Max Stealth eBike. The powerful 250w motor ensures a quick commute for you, and up to fifty kilometres in range before it needs a charge. Hills are no obstacle for this two-wheel beast, which can take you from home to work to the beach …Read More

Buy an Electric Road Bike in Sydney for a Dream Commute

If your commute involves waiting at a bus stop, sitting in frustrating traffic, or relying on a shared ride that’s always late with less than pleasant company, just stop. Stop being frustrated with the daily annoyances of commuting and think outside the box. Or, more specifically, think about two wheels instead of four. There’s an option …Read More

Buy a Fat eBike for Your Sydney Commute

If you’ve always wanted to buy a fat eBike for your Sydney commute, or for cruising along the beach, now is the time. Skillion has new 2018 models waiting for you, and they are more incredible than ever before. The 2018 Skillion Max comes in stark white for that grand entrance, stealth black for the wow factor, and camo or blue for some …Read More

Buy an Off-Road Electric Bike in Sydney and Conquer the Bush

The stress of the day-to-day grind can wear you down. Getting out into nature is a sure way to let the stress of your weekdays fall off your shoulders. To truly enjoy the outdoors, though, you need to get deep into nature, one-on-one. Mountain biking is a great way to immerse yourself in the countryside, and the best way to do that is to buy …Read More