At Skillion bikes we aim to keep you moving and will go those extra miles to make that happen. But, in life things can go wrong and if your bike is not 100% up to your standards we will work with you to make it as “awesome” an experience as we can.However, we cannot accept responsibility in the following cases:
  • You simply changed your mind
  • You misused the product in any way that contributed to the problem
  • You asked for a service to be done in a certain way against the advice of the business or were unclear about what you wanted
  • A problem was completely outside of our control
However, Skillion bikes offer standard warranty terms under the laws for the states we sell in. And in general the following applies to you your new Skillion bike:
  • Frame 3 years warranty for repair
  • Tires & brake pads subject to high wear only replace if fault found a reasonable time after purchase
  • All other bike components, 2 year warranty for repair or replacement
The owner is responsible for have the bike returned to Skillion bikes for repair or replacement.