Can a Skillion Max, go farther than a Tesla model 3?

According to Tesla officials, the standard Model 3 delivers an EPA-rated all-electric range of 220 miles (350 km).

Can a Skillion Max go further?

Can you guess?

Yes and here’s how..

Currently the Skillion Max has a 48V 11.6AH battery, and we state that it can travel up to 60 km on one charge.

I’ve not done ideal conditions testing but I have used the on board power meter and the figure matches up with the calculations you can look up on wikipedia and it gives a figure of 200 watts at 25kph. Wiki link here:

Given this, we expect that the Skillion Max with its in-built battery could offer over 69 km range, see table below…

VoltAHWHHoursRange (km)Total RangeMiles
Standard Skillion Max4811.6556.82.78469.643.2474216
Panasonic 48V11.6AH4811.6556.82.78469.6139.286.4948432
Panasoni 48V 20AH48209604.8120189.6117.8119416
48V 30 AH battery483014407.2180249.6155.0942016
48V 30 AH battery483014407.2180429.6266.9409816

But now, lets add a battery to the Rear Gear Rack, we can purchase up to a 48V 30AH battery, that would fit to the rear rack of the bike as an auxiliary. The combined energy of the main bike battery and the rear rack battery would give a range of 249.6, rounded up to 250 klm!

All we need to do is wire the auxiliary battery into the ebike harness, this could be switched in (preferred) or in parallel. Here’s a link to our Skillion accessories, and the Rear Gear Rack.

To get to the absurd range I mention above, we simple add a second 48V 30AH battery on top the other rear rack battery and…wallah… 430 klm / 267miles! Remember that the Tesla Model 3 can achieve 220 miles (350 km).

If you want a bike that can do more range than a Tesla model 3 start with a Skillion Max here:



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