Skillion Police electric bike

Skillion bikes has worked for several years to perfect what we believe is the perfect ebike for the Police Force.

Police are often tasked with “walking” the beat. Being on foot does give the Police access to places that cars and motorcycles don’t. But it also means everything has to be carried, patrolling an area on foot is physically demanding, and running on foot is pretty slow compared to almost any form of transport.

However, there is a solution, a Skillion ebike. The Skillion ebike is a bicycle with an electric motor; this means it’s legal to be ridden on the roads and cycle ways. It also means that most of the propulsive effort comes from the motor which saves the Police Officer from tiring. These bikes are fast, the legal speed limit for ebikes on the road is 25 kph in Australia but an off-road version of the Skillion ebike can reach speeds in excess of 65 kph. What’s more a Skillion ebike is designed to go on all surfaces from roads, to trails and even beaches with soft sand and snow. Finally, our Skillion bikes are designed tough, so loading an ebike with a Police officer’s daily tools and equipment is no problem.

We envisage a purpose built Skillion ebike for the police force with a range of features suited to the Police Force. Such features would include a beefed up frame, full suspension, integrated racks, sirens, lights and radios as standard. But also, the ability to switch the ebike from the street legal 250W / 25kph limits to a “chase” mode. When the siren and lights flash the ebike has it’s full power and speed available. Skillion has an ebike close to this specification already in development.

Still not convinced? At Skillion we’ve had under development a complete tracking and monitoring system for our ebikes. This system allows the bikes to be tracked and monitored from any remote control station. This is great as an anti-theft device as messages are sent to the rider if the bike is disturbed, an integrated camera can be triggered to view activity around the bike, and the bike is tracked via GPS if the bike is moved.

But how does this system help the Police Force? As part of this system, Skillion has under development, a full fleet management system. This allows complete monitoring of the ebike, its status, position and even allows the power to be controlled remotely. This is great tool to help Police Officers work a certain “beat” and be signaled if they go beyond the limits of the area.

There a hundred of other details about our Skillion bikes that we would love to share with the Police and other enforcement agencies.



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