Smart ebike for Smart Apartments

Skillion has been in development of a Smart eBike for Burcham Apartments in Rosebury Sydney.

About Skillion

Combining smart technology and head-turning industrial design, Skillion Bikes builds Australian electric bikes for the premium Australian and US markets. Based out of their Sydney Office, they design and build their bikes to be as practical and rugged as they are gorgeous; Skillion Electric Bikes draws their inspiration from well-designed motorcycles, fused with cutting-edge technology. Whilst the technology on Skillion bikes includes world-class security, remote bike-tracking and remote access via the GSM network and GPS, Skillion have remained fiercely focused on making its Skillion’s great!

About the Skillion Max

The Skillion Max is the most eye-catching, rugged and practical smart electric bike available anywhere. Skillion stands by this: It’s Australian-designed onboard technology systems and security integration lends credence to its claim, and no bike manufacturer in the world has as much smart circuitry hidden away in its extraordinary design. Whilst the Skillion Max has a 1000W motor, its Australian-legal power output will propel the rider up a steep Bondi Hill as easily as along a Brisbane boardwalk – whilst also allowing weekend trail riding in the bush to be as easy as your daily commute. No terrain is too tough for the Australian Skillion brand. Included is the fully-integrated battery (charges in 4 hours, giving 50km* total trip), a powerful 48V motor and large battery so you can ride at speed and style – whatever conditions you throw at it. With it’s premium Shimano gear system, coupled with it’s different User power level preferences and throttle means you can go as fast or slow as you like. Just start peddling to activate all this underlying power! Of course, no bike with this much potential should be without a customized safety system. Stopping is finger touch easy with powerful hydraulic disc brakes that IMMEDIATELY cut the powerful motor upon touching the brakes. Skillion’s Smart technology utilises GPS satellite positioning and GSM cellular communication offering advanced telematic information about the bikes’ location, speed and battery levels, so you know where your bikes is 24/7 – all displayed on iPhone, Android phone or web.

The Skillion Max specification summary as follows:

  • • Motor: Bafang BBSHD
  • • Frame: 6061 Al
  • • Front Fork: Suspension
  • • Seat: Medium comfort
  • • Tires: Kenda Tire 4″ Juggernaut
  • • Rims: “Fat Tire” Orange
  • • Brakes: Zoom Hydraulic interlocked 160mm disc
  • • Gears: 7-Speed Shimano
  • • Display: Speed, PAS, ODO
  • • Throttle: Right thumb
  • • PAS: 5 assist modes

In addition Skillion will supply with each ebike the Skillion Security module:

  • • GPS module
  • • GSM module
  • • Camera
  • • 12 months GSM data subscription
  • • Online access to location
  • • Skillion phone App’
  • • Integrated into the frame of the bike
  • • Remote Access Battery Indicator (WAN, Skillion App’)

Tough. Gorgeous. Practical. Smart. Yours.

(Smiles not included)



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