I’ve always thought how useful an ebike is, but it doesn’t really sink in until you meet someone actually using an ebike as a delivery bike does it really  sink in.

This week, I bumped into a fellow doing just that. In downtown Waterloo, Sydney I was waiting at the lights when he turned up on a fatbike fitted with a BBSHD and Triangle Battery electric bike (ebike). He said he made it himself from a kit and that he managed 100km on a single charge. He was using the 22AH Triangle battery, like the ones we sell (see link below). Also, he was an Uber Eats rider on his rounds. I was on my Skillion, so “we were brothers”. We compared his high-power, long-range bike but he did envy the Skillion with front suspension, brake interlocks and stylish design. The lights changed and he was hundreds of meters ahead of me in seconds, he must have had the bike tricked up for speed!

Afterwards I realised the sense of his approach. The bikes is not only fast, that means the food gets to the customers still hot with minimum delay. It’s easy on the legs as the motor does the work…and he makes more money with more deliveries..win, win, win I’d say…

Here’s a link to the BBSHD kit

Here’s a link to the Battery

Here’s a link to our Skillion Max



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