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It is such a great joy when a customer writes a raving review about something we feel so proud of too. We believe in helping everyone experience the joy and exhilaration of riding a well designed e-bike and we work everyday to make that a reality, often it seems we are failing and a long way off, but every now and then…

Peter, bought a Skillion Max a little while back and when he came back with the derailleur rattling I was a bit worried. But it turned out to be just a few turns of the shift cable tensioner. That often happens after the first few rides as the cable and its sleeving stretch a little into their final position. Anyway we didn’t hear back for a while. Then this message came in I was so happy!

“I bought the Skillion Max 2018 Classic about 6 months ago now. I was tossing up between this and a few different brands, but what really caught my eye was the design and the tires! I just kept going back and looking at the pictures. After speaking with Peter from Skillion and going for a test ride, I was sold. It was as solid to ride as it looks. Now I have several hundred kilometers clocked on it, I can say that my experience hasn’t wavered, truly has to be one of my best purchases ever.

I am very pedantic about all the small things when it comes to bicycles and I got to say, everything was great. The break lines never get loose because they are hydraulic. That said, I did need to adjust the gear cable a couple of times as that is a wire – but this is normal and is only a thing I needed to do early on.

People often ask me “why the big tyres”, i just look at them and ask “why not!?”. Most people will shrug as they didn’t even know why they asked, maybe because they aren’t used to seeing bicycles with large ties. I have found that its a very good bike for all purpose, super smooth ride on roads and handles very well off road as well.

I live 6 kilometers away from the train station and before I bought this ebike I would drive to the station, and sometimes the only available car spot I can find is hundreds of meters away! its just silly driving! and driving to work is even worse, Sydney traffic is horrible. With this ebike I can leave my house, and literally be ON a train with in 15 minutes – think about that for a moment.

My only regret is that I ought of have bought this e-bike sooner!”

Peter Vanderyk

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