Will Tesla build the 150KW Electric Motorcycle?

Will Tesla build the 150KW Electric Motorcycle?

Tesla and Elon Musk have a habit of surprising us with his ambitious plans and more importantly making them work. But is a 150KW Motorcycle really on the cards?

The Model M

The Tesla Model M is a new motorcycle concept by Jans a specialist adept at creating vehicles that are right on the edge of what is possible. While it’s unlikely they’ll ever see the light of day, they do provide food for thought for designers, engineers and enthusiasts. At its heart, the Model M is the electric motorcycle that Tesla might build – if they ever turned their attention to two-wheeled transportation. The staggering success of the Tesla Model S the Model X and now the Model 3 have taken many in the automotive industry by surprise. As if running Tesla wasn’t quite challenging enough – Elon Musk also runs Space X.

This concept includes Lithium-ion batteries mounted as low as possible within the aluminium frame This keeps the centre of gravity as close to the asphalt as feasible. The fuel tank location is used as a water-tight storage compartment for a backpack, laptop and anything else the rider needs to carry – including a full face helmet. The wheels are carbon fibre to reduce unsprung weight and suspension is provided by a mono shock at the rear and upside down forks up front. Interestingly there’s no transmission, as electric motors produce 100% of their torque from 0 rpm.


The Model M features a 150kW electric motor (that’s over 200HP) with four computer controlled modes: Race, Cruise, Standard, and Eco. By comparison one of the fastest petrol powered motorcycles the Hayabusa delivers 194 hp (145 kW), @ 10,100 rpm measured at the rear wheels.  So we think 200 Hp for the Tesla should be enough. The 1999 Hayabusa was capable to reaching 312 kph with less horsepower but subsequent models had speed limiters fitted and are ONLY capable of 190mph (299kph) – due to an agreement between Japanese manufacturers.

With Tesla not being shy about making performance cars lets hope Elon considers a fully unlimited 200 Hp motorcycle capable of breaking the speed records for production motorcycles.

Read more here: https://silodrome.com/tesla-model-m/



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