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Skillion Electric Bikes represent the cutting edge in E Bike design and technology. Designed and manufactured in Sydney Australia Skillion E Bikes have incorporated cutting edge electronics and software which have completely transformed the electric bicycle market. See the range of Skillion electric bikes online or visit our Sydney factory for a test ride.









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The Skillion is a game changer for my lifestyle.

I can use the Skillion to get to the beach, the pool, the shops with no queues or parking problems and get back home relaxed.

I can tailor the gears and level of pedal assistance to my preferences at the time – work harder if I want to, or relax and coast up the hill.

My solar panels charge the batteries during the daytime, so that I can use the “free” energy.

Renewable Energy Consultant
2 x Australian SUP Surf Champion
Team Rider – ECS, BaySUP, Skillion

Dr Richard Finlay-Jones


Prior to riding the Skillion, bike riding was a drag, living on top of a hill is fabulous but for a non-bike rider it can make riding prohibitive.

The Skillion makes it a pleasure, my health has improved markedly since this avenue of fitness has now become available, and most of all it’s FUN.

An hour or more on the bike is a pleasure, I now ride my hill 4 or 5 times a week for fun

Neil Slater


The Skillion is fantastic.

My partner and I take the Skillion away and this bike is great for me and my wife to ride.

I built a custom bike rack for the Skillion bikes, so we can carry 2 bikes and head off anywhere we want.

Greg Selig


I love the Skillion – it’s fast, comfy and safe – easy to charge and the power lasts for agesI can carry my board or my sup depending upon the conditions on the day

Team Australia, World SUP Titles, Denmark September 2017, Rider ECS, BaySUP, Skillion

Hannah Finlay-Jones